Puppy Play Group

Because of COVID 19, my usually full dog park pack has some rare openings: you have the chance to come join the pack! 

Since there are so many new pandemic puppies that would benefit from some pre dog park pack adventures, I’m offering Puppy Group for socializing and re-enforcing basic training that you are already doing at home. Puppy play group is a great way to try out a pack before going to the off leash park. Sessions are designed for puppies who are in my service area and want to eventually graduate to the off leash park pack going to Magnuson Park at 6 months old and up.

Sessions are in my yard in Phinney Ridge. $45 per 30 minutes of group play and includes pick up and drop off. 2-4 puppies max at a time. Schedule would most likely be later afternoons M,W,F and possibly Saturday mornings. Puppies need to have had all their shots and be in good health. 

Two or more sessions per week recommended to provide socializing, learning routines, basic skills and making friends. Your pup will be slowly introduced to existing pack members to get them familiar with many different dogs and to prepare them for being part of the pack. With 13 years of experience helping puppies socialize and make friends with dogs of all ages, my goal is for your pup to feel comfortable with a variety of dogs while having fun. Join us!


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Liza, owner Four Legged Friends