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Off leash adventures  For dogs within my service area, small group, regular year round scheduled off leash park visits to Magnuson Park for a minimum of 75 min play and walk time. Includes pick up and drop off. These group visits give dogs a pack at the park and help them build relationships, develop confidence, and gain resiliency with other dogs. We are always on the move at the park so even dogs who don't normally run and play get exercise. Small group off leash park adventures give your pup a mini pack to form ongoing companionships that last years. I have limited spots (8-9) in my pack to keep the experience high quality and focused on your dogs well-being. I also need income stability. Excessive unpaid vacations and absences may mean being dropped from the roster


**currently we have some openings. Contact me for specifics**



Small group offleash    $32 per park visit/per dog (2x week minimum) year round schedule 


 *$10 extra for evening or weekend walks or park trips (by arrangement only). **Holidays there are no trips



Puppy pet care  Designed for puppies that will eventually be joining the pack at the off leash park. 30-minute visits are tailored to your needs...can include play, walk, cleanup, feeding, training reinforcement. $35


Boarding/daycare  By special arrangement. Overnight stays for your dog in my home. Staying with their pack leader is a special treat and your dog will be part of the family for their stay. When I got my own dogs, I was very anxious about them not getting the personalized care in a home environment when I was away. I couldn’t enjoy myself if I wasn’t sure they were happy too.  I want you to enjoy your trip and have peace of mind knowing that your dog is in excellent hands for whatever comes up. Limited to dogs in my existing pack—dogs that stay must be good house guests. No excessive barking, destructive behavior, incontinence, counter surfing etc. Daycare can be arranged for periods of time during the day in my home for dogs who need companionship. I'm sorry due to my low ratio I cannot offer multiple dog discounts for boarding & daycare or partial day rates. Puppies who still need extra pottying work are $10 a day extra. If your dog has an accident on rugs in the house, there may be a $40 cleaning fee. Owner is responsible for dropping off and picking up from my house between 7 am and 10 pm, otherwise they will need to come the day before, or go home the day after

$60* per dog per calendar day (for clients only)

*note: this fee does not include regularly scheduled park trips, whenever possible boarding dogs will be included on extra park trips and/or receive walks



Service area: Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, Greenlake, Fremont, Wallingford, Ravenna, View Ridge, Bryant, Laurelhurst. Contact me to work out your specific needs: 206.618.5363 or




206.618.5363 phone/text

Liza, owner Four Legged Friends